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The intense feeling of finding something which belongs to you. It connects to your soul, a true part of yourself. Whenever the sensation of a true find, a ‘decouverte’ emerges, one feels a rush, an inspiration. Spiraling throughout one’s inner being. Creating a force, a drive and sense of wellbeing. This is something recognizable for those who make it their daily quest to capture this feeling. Whether this is in art, science, business or even in the way nature reveals itself in a simple way, the feeling leads to inspiration, a deeper insight. Being able however to evoke this feeling/inspiration in those who are not specifically looking/seeking or others not being able to find is the key which opens a way of being. A way people want to live.

The concept

The key to finding this feeling is the encounter of that perfect idea, a pure concept. Whether this idea is brought into existence or not is of no matter; the concept by itself as unfinished or even damaged, used, distressed can be as interesting or even more inspiring than finished, as long as the idea reveals itself. A sketch, prototype, preparational try-out, doodle, hint, wheatered, mutilated piece leads the imagination just as much as the first realisations of those ideas. This is the renaissance theory of the Uomo Universalis ; ‘man is complete in his idea’… Michelangelo did not even have to finish his slave sculptures..

The Essentials

All periods in time and all styles in art or craft, or human makings generated these concepts/ideas and often they were brought into existence. The creation of essentials. Important is finding those essentials and being able to show their soul element. They sit at the cradle of each movement, era or culture; the essence of a bauhaus piece, the best features of a classical sculpture, the art historical ground breaking significance of an early ZERO painting, even the essential power of simple practical items such as an inuit snow mask.

The Reference

Apart from the essential idea which is brought into existence or not, there is the referential quality which can bring to live the feeling something connects to one's inner being. This can be time, the surface, patina, but also the shape or structure of an artpicece which is embedded in a rich and ancient culture or tradition which is not immediatley noticable. The mind connects unconciously to something one feels unified with; it can be an harmonious shape due to perfect proportions, it can be an imperfection which makes the mind wonder and seek (‘punktum’ by Roland Barthes), it can be a natural association in a form, a shade, a movement…

These 3 elements – The Concept, The Essentials and The Reference at one hand show how an object or artpiece comes into extistence as somehting essential, from within, from the artists soul. The artist is inflicted by a time era, knows how to capture it by adding his or her own genius to it. On the other hand there is the reference, the spectator who feels these intrinsic essentials to which his inner being connects. CONCEPT/ESSENTIALS + REFERENCE leads to INSPIRATION leads to more CREATION.

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